enviro Visa interest rates

Depending on the type of enviro Visa* card you have, you will pay either a regular interest rate of 19.5% per year (which works out to a daily interest rate of 0.05342%), or a low interest rate* of 11.25% (a daily interest rate of 0.03082%).

*PLEASE NOTE: If your enviro Visa card qualifies for the low rate and you don’t make your minimum payment by the payment due date for two statement periods in a row, we will charge you interest at the regular rate for at least one year starting on the statement following your second missed payment.

Interest calculator

Want to learn more about how various payment amounts affect how much is paid in interest? Check out our enviro Visa interest calculator.

Need more information on your credit limit, spending, payments, and interest charges? Please call us at 604.877.4999 or toll-free outside Greater Vancouver at 1.800.611.8472.

Make Good Money™

When you choose and use an enviro Visa card, you earn great rewards, while making good things happen in your community through the enviroFund™ granting program.

Just by using your card for daily transactions, you ensure every year a portion of Vancity enviro Visa card's profits are distributed back to your local community. We call it Good Money.

™ enviro, Vancity enviroFund and Make Good Money are trademarks of Vancouver City Savings Credit Union.
*Trademark of Visa Int., used under license.