Socially responsible investing

Invest where sustainable can be profitable.

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An analysis of 10,723 mutual funds found that there’s no trade-off between sustainable funds and traditional funds.

Source: Morgan Stanley Institute of Sustainable Investing

Socially responsible investing is an approach to choosing profitable investments that also look out for humanity. SRI is just a shiny term for something people have been doing since the 1700’s. Putting money behind what you believe in isn’t new, it’s progress. Through Vancity, and through our partnership with Aviso Wealth, you can invest in ways that make global and local impact.

Global impact with mutual funds.

Like regular mutual funds*, SRIs invest in well-known and lesser-known companies. The difference is:

  • Quality companies only
    Investments must pass screening. In some cases the screening is for good environmental, social and corporate governance practices known as the ESG framework.
  • Supporting sustainable development
    SRIs managed by Vancity Investment Management don't invest in six industries considered harmful, and include companies that pursue the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.
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Challenge the giants.

When you invest in Vancity Investment Management managed IA Clarington Inhance SRI Funds or pooled funds, your dollars give our portfolio managers a literal seat at the tables of the multinational corporations that you invest in. So, we show up to make your voices heard and take action:

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Our Vancity Investment Management managed funds don't invest in:
fossil fuels, military weapons, gambling, nuclear power, pornography or tobacco.

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Local impact, guaranteed returns.

Do good and make guaranteed returns with term deposits. Vancity’s term deposits don’t sit in a vault, much of it helps finance our local communities.

  • Backing the change-makers
    Maybe you’ve noticed, some of our members are social and environmental challengers that don’t fit in the boxes of traditional banks or lenders. Your deposits make their initiatives and our impact investing mandate possible.
  • Local money to local people
    Invested deposits fund the mortgages of your neighbours and loans to local businesses. Not into the pockets of a stranger across the ocean.
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