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Founded on change.

Vancity was founded in 1946 by fourteen motivated change-makers who felt underserved by traditional banks that wouldn’t lend East of Cambie. So they formed our credit union — a place where the people who bank here, also own the place.

Who we are

Funding change.

We use our financial tools to stimulate social and environmental progress, putting your money to work for people and the planet. When you choose Vancity, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to creating positive change and a more sustainable, equitable future.

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Meet our ambassadors

“Vancity not only supports me as a business owner, but finds ways to invest back to my community to ensure that the relationship is reciprocal and sustainable.”

Judith Kasiama
Founder of Colour the Trails

Meet our ambassadors

“I love banking with Vancity because of their commitment to social and environmental justice and their support of Indigenous communities.”

Joleen Mitton
Founder & Creative Director

Meet our ambassadors

“As business owners, we admire when companies like Vancity go the distance to fund important social and environmental projects in the community.”

Levi & Leah
Business owners & YouTube creators

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