Banking at Vancity


It's time the way you bank reflected how you feel about the world. At Vancity, the way you manage your money, borrow and invest helps you look after your financial future, while taking care of your community. Because when it does well, so do you.

When you bank with us, you’re taking advantage of a range of flexible account options and sustainable investments designed to help achieve your goals. And, as a Vancity member, you’re committing to a better world. Because it's great to see your money do well at the place you bank and where you call home.

1 Everyday Transactions are all of these:
- In-person account withdrawals, bill payments, transfers to/from/or between Vancity accounts conducted person-to-person, in-branch or over the phone with our Member Service Line.
- Debit Card ATM withdrawals, and transfers from and between Vancity accounts by debit card and debit card purchases.
- Cheque and preauthorized payments from Vancity accounts.
- Online and mobile bill payments, transfers from and between Vancity accounts made online using a computer, mobile phone, mobile device or using our automated phone banking service.

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