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Savings accounts

Savings for you, saved the Rio too.


Enjoy flexibility and great returns on new personal deposits for a limited time. Terms and conditions apply.
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How to save smart.

Earn interest and make it easy

Get a no-fee account that earns interest and use auto-transfer to automatically save.

Keep an emergency fund

We generally recommend having an emergency savings of 3 to 6 months of your earnings.

Invest the extra

Once you have an emergency fund, look at putting additional savings into investments so your money can earn even more.

Your deposits put to good.

Even when you're not using your money, most of your deposits are building a clean and fair world by financing local businesses and other change‑makers who bank with us.

Plan 24™ Savings

Flexible everyday savings

No monthly fee

  • Free Everyday Online and Mobile Transactions* (excludes Interac e-Transfers®)
  • 10 free Everyday In-Person or Everyday Debit Card Transactions* per month
  • Free Everyday Transactions for members under 25 or 65+
  • No minimum balance

Jumpstart™ High Interest Savings

Earn more, save more

No monthly fee

  • Our highest savings account rate
  • Free Everyday Online and Mobile Transactions* (excludes Interac e-Transfers®)
  • Eligible as a TFSA, RRSP, RRIF or RESP
  • No minimum balance
Graph showing term deposits make many times more interest than savings accounts.

Level up your savings.

Earn more interest on your savings when you put them away into term deposits. You can get a low-risk return on extra cash that you were saving anyway.³

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Bank however, whenever you want.

  • Online and mobile banking
    24-hour access to your accounts, bill payments and mobile cheque deposit.
  • In-person and telephone banking
    Serving British Columbians since 1946. Access 59 branches in the Lower Mainland, the Island and more.
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay
    Tap your phone at checkout to pay.
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