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Meet the change-makers being powered by you.

You want to help fight climate change, but maybe you don’t know how. Vancity enviroFund™ recipients do. And they’re creating solutions that enable everyone to make a difference.

HUB Cycling
How did Metro Vancouver get so bike friendly? HUB Cycling has spent over 20 years making this a reality for us.
Ditch single use containers with a network of restaurants and cafes sharing take-out reusables.
Threading Change
Goodbye fast fashion. They've made a global map of ethical brands and a network of clothing swaps to change your wardrobe for good.
Project Zero
Annual cohorts of this business incubator bring circular and low carbon products to our fingertips.

How does the enviroFund work?

Tap, swipe, pay

With every purchase you make on an enviro Visa credit card, 5% of profits go to the enviroFund.

Fund innovation

Innovative and climate-friendly businesses and organizations can apply for funds to help bring their community improvement ideas to life.

Enjoy a reimagined world

Enjoy the amazing solutions created — initiatives that change how and what you consume, and how things are made.

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Celebrating our wins.

See how the enviroFund has helped make a difference in our communities over the years.

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To the ones who say change is impossible, we say just watch.

This fund exists because progressive ideas, the ones that we need, also need people who will give them a chance. When a business-slash-sort-of-like-a-non-profit doesn’t fit the checkboxes on a form, or others that don’t fit a mold, they can get ignored.

And we refuse to ignore real solutions.

Beyond the enviroFund, 30% of Vancity’s profits go to societal and environmental solutions through Shared Success. Everyday deposits support our local economy. Which means, just by using a Vancity chequing account, or business account, you help make a difference.

Just like our Vancity enviroFund recipients:





Vancity Zero Waste Events Program under the Vancity envirofund™