Vancity Rewards

Vancity Rewards™

When you choose to use an enviro™ Visa* card, you earn points while supporting the community.

Explore Vancity Rewards

Earning and redeeming reward points is now easier with Vancity Rewards. With our flexible reward options, you could redeem points for cash back, travel, charitable donations and gift cards, starting with as little as
2,000 points ($20 rewards value).

If you're a Vancity member, you'll also be able to redeem points for a variety of financial rewards, like topping-up your Jumpstart™ High Interest Savings Account or making a payment towards your Vancity mortgage.

Earn Vancity Rewards points

You can earn valuable points just for using your eligible enviro Visa card for everyday purchases and recurring bill payments. Even small purchases such as groceries, a cup of coffee or a transit pass can earn you big rewards over time.

How you earn points depends on which enviro Visa card you have.

enviro Classic Visa card

enviro Classic* Visa card

enviro Gold Visa card

enviro Gold™ Visa card

enviro ExpenseGold Visa card

enviro ExpenseGold™ Visa card

Card options
Regular or low interest rate plus rewards Rewards accelerator Regular or low interest rate plus rewards With rewards
Point earn rate
Earn 1 point
for every $2 spent
Earn 1.5 points
for every $1 spent
Earn 1 point
for every $1 spent
Earn 1 point
for every $1 spent
Bonus points
N/A 2,500 bonus points on your first purchase ($25 rewards value)
3,500 bonus points on your card's anniversary ($35 rewards value)
Bonus points for booking travel
Earn double the number of points when you use your enviro Visa card to book travel through the Vancity Rewards website or by calling us at 1-866-661-3377.

To learn more about Vancity Rewards and what you can redeem your points for, visit

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