Automatic payments

Never miss a bill payment on your Vancity enviro™ Visa* card

Put your mind at ease - you’ll never have to worry about paying additional interest due to a late or missed bill payment when you set up automatic monthly payments on your enviro Visa account.

Setting up automatic payments from your Vancity chequing account is easy and there are no administration charges. You also have the choice between making full monthly payments or minimum monthly payments.

Don’t have a Vancity chequing account? You can set up automatic payments for the minimum payment amount from any chequing account.

How do I set up automatic payments to my Vancity enviro Visa card?

If you have a Vancity chequing account
Set up automatic payments to your enviro Visa account by calling us at 604.877.4999 (toll-free at 1.800.611.8472) or by visiting your local community branch.

If you don’t have a Vancity chequing account
Set up automatic payments from any chequing account by downloading and completing our Pre-authorized Debit for Vancity Visa Cards form. Drop off the completed form along with a void cheque at any Vancity branch or fax it to 604.877.4900 (or toll free at 1.800.230.8472). At this time, automatic payments from another Canadian financial institution can only be set up for the minimum payment amount.

Automatic payment tip

Remember to have enough in your chequing account to cover your monthly automatic payment. A $22 fee will be charged to your enviro Visa card account for insufficient funds.

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*Trademark of Visa Int., used under license.