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Small steps can help add up to big impact.

Access the Vancity Carbon Counter via Manage my Visa card to estimate your carbon footprint based on your enviro™ Visa* card purchases:

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Make a move for the planet. ✊🏾✊🏼✊🏿✊🏻✊🏽

Fighting the climate crisis can feel like a lot. Find yourself looking at your reusable bags and local groceries and wondering "how can I make more of an impact?"

Start using the Carbon Counter and get an estimate of your carbon footprint based on your enviro Visa card purchases.

Using this tool to help create change. 📱💻

Every time you make a purchase on your enviro Visa card, and open the Carbon Counter, it will estimate your carbon footprint based on the shopping categories of your purchases. See how your choices may impact the planet and follow your progress over time.

How does my weekly grocery run impact my carbon footprint?

Great question! Using our Carbon Counter, you can:

  • Get estimates on how your everyday spending impacts your overall carbon footprint
  • See how your carbon footprint estimate stacks up against the average Canadian
  • View up to 12-months of your purchase history
  • Get insights and tips on how to reduce your everyday carbon emissions

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Frequently asked questions.

Where do I access the Carbon Counter?

The Carbon Counter is optional for Vancity enviro Visa cardholders to use. Only cardholders (Primary Cardholders of personal use cards and Account Administrators of business use cards) can access the tool by logging in to the Manage my Visa card website — the same site used to view account details, opt out of paper statements, and more. From the Manage my Visa website, cardholders have the option to access the Carbon Counter tool after agreeing to the terms and conditions. Your data will not be shared for estimated carbon footprint without your consent.

Visit the FAQ section to read more about Manage My Visa card.

Do I have to pay for the Carbon Counter?

No, the Carbon Counter is free to use.

Is my data secure? What is Vancity doing to protect my data?

Yes – if you choose to use the Carbon Counter, your data will be secure.

For those credit cardholders who choose to use the Carbon Counter, credit card transaction data (pending and posted) will be securely shared with Vancity’s technology partner, ecolytiq. The only permitted use of this data is to estimate a carbon dioxide equivalent value for each transaction for the cardholder. The transaction information is de-identified (meaning no one will be able to identify the specific person the data belongs to). This information is disclosed in the terms and conditions, which need to be accepted before cardholders can use the Carbon Counter.

How does the Carbon Counter estimate my carbon footprint?

By analyzing your spending data, the Carbon Counter roughly determines the amount of carbon emissions produced by your purchases. It assigns your transactions a CO2e value based on publicly available data, studies, and research. CO2e means carbon dioxide equivalent.

These calculations are estimated and don't consider the specific products that you buy. That's why, for some transactions, we'll ask you questions about your shopping decisions and habits. These questions are optional but answering them will provide a better idea of your carbon footprint and the steps you may be able to take to reduce it.

Do I have to use the Carbon Counter?

No, the Carbon Counter is optional for Vancity enviro Visa cardholders to use. There will be an option to use the tool when you log in to your account on the Manage my Visa Card website, but nothing will be done unless you choose to opt-in to using the tool.

How will the Carbon Counter help me reduce my carbon footprint?

The Carbon Counter offers insights on how to reduce your carbon footprint and tips for more sustainable choices based on your transactions. You can refine your estimates by answering additional questions within the tool.

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People and the planet mean the world to you.

Making small adjustments along the way and using the Carbon Counter are just some actions we can take to help protect the planet together. Here are some more ideas.

Help fund climate action projects in your community.
With every purchase you make on your enviro Visa card, 5% of profits go to supporting environmental initiatives through the Vancity enviroFund™ program.

Feel good about where you bank.
Be part of a member-owned community, where 30% of net profits go back to members and communities.

Become a financial force for change.
Join the movement with 500,000+ change-makers just like you, working together to build a clean, fair world.

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