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Switch to eStatements, plant a tree.

Paper statement updates

Starting Mar. 1, 2024, each paper statement will be $2.50 on some accounts. Switch to eStatements today and skip the hassle.

Some exclusions apply, like for members under age 19 or over 69.

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How to switch to eStatements
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Switch to eStatements by Dec 31st, 2023 and we’ll plant a tree in the Williams Lake region to help regenerate the forest impacted by previous forest fires. Vancity is working with veritree, a tech platform that monitors and verifies restoration efforts. Working closely with specialized teams and local Indigenous organizations and Nations, the goal of this project is to reintroduce a diverse range of native tree species to the burned forest land to accelerate local reforestation. 

More about this project

What you get with eStatements.

Switching to eStatements isn’t just a good move for the trees; it can be better for you, too.


View, download, or print your statements through Online Banking or the Manage my Visa card website. We’ll email you when a new eStatement is available.


Our bank account eStatements are stored securely in Online Banking for 7 years, and enviro™ Visa* account eStatements can be viewed in Online Banking for up to 12 months or Manage my Visa card for up to 24 months.

No waste, no fee

eStatements are free and have a lower environmental impact as they reduce paper usage.

How to opt out of paper statements.

For Vancity banking accounts

  1. Log in to Online Banking.
  2. In the left navigation, under "Account Services", select "Change Statement Options".
  3. Complete the "Update Paper Statement Preferences" section for each relationship number and select "Continue".
  4. Select "I Agree" to confirm your update. (It may take up to 6 weeks for the change to take effect.)

Once you opt out of paper statements, you’ll receive an email notification every time a new eStatement is available. Access your banking account eStatements using the steps below.

For enviro Visa accounts

  1. Log in to Manage my Visa card.
  2. Select the blue "Statement preferences" link on the right side of the account summary (main) screen.
  3. Check that the email address listed further down the page is correct.
  4. Toggle "Paper statements" off.

Don't have a "Manage my Visa card" account? Learn more about accessing your enviro Visa accounts online.

How to view eStatements.

For Vancity banking accounts

  1. Log in to Online Banking to access your Account Summary.
  2. In the left navigation, under "My Accounts", select "View eStatements".
  3. From the "View eStatements" dropdown menu, select "My eStatements" or "Visa Statements"

For enviro Visa accounts

In Online Banking (on desktop):

  1. Log in to Online Banking to access your Account Summary.
  2. In the left navigation, under "My Accounts", select "Visa Statements".

On the "Manage my Visa card" website:

  1. Log in to Manage my Visa card.
  2. Select "View eStatements" from the "I want to…" dropdown menu.

Making change in Williams Lake.

In 2017, a wildfire swept through the community of Hanceville, located west of Williams Lake, BC. The fire eventually merged with nearly 20 other fires in the area, covering a combined area of 545,151 hectares.

The fire’s impact was immense for Indigenous communities who lost land to hunt and fish; ranchers who lost pastures; mule deer who lost their winter habitat; and, of course, the area’s old Douglas-fir forests.

Working with veritree, a variety of tree types will be planted at various sites in the Williams Lake region by a team of planters hired specifically for the restoration work.

For every person that switches to eStatements, we’ll add a tree on your behalf.

Learn more on our blog

Frequently asked questions.

Why is this project important to Vancity?

At Vancity, our primary focus is caring for both people and the planet, rather than solely prioritizing profits. This tree planting project deeply affects our members and the communities they call home. Together, we know we can make change to help restore the sites impacted by the Hanceville fire in Williams Lake, BC.

What are the benefits of planting these trees?

Trees absorb and store carbon dioxide through a process known as photosynthesis, but this carbon is released if the tree is burnt or dies off. They also prevent soil erosion, provide habitat for animals, enhance biodiversity, and provide important resources for whole communities.

By planting these trees, we can help accelerate restoration in areas where it could otherwise take decades for forests to come back.

How is this project being monitored?

veritree will work with foresters who will be present on site one week, one year, two years, five years, and ten to twelve years after planting to conduct survivability surveys. During these visits, foresters will check that no large die-offs have occurred and assess how well trees are growing. A combination of aerial checks and walk-throughs will be used. There are plans to replant the sites if fires damage the project area.

Their proprietary planting technology verifies the trees that are being planted and measures and monitors vital information as they grow, making it possible for us to see our impact in near real-time.

In short, veritree will use technology and work with foresters to help track and monitor the tree planting project.

What is being done to prevent another wildfire in the replanted area?

Wildfire risk will continue to be a concern for this region in the future. Some of the trees that are being replanted are Aspen, which act as a natural fuel break.

Is this part of Vancity’s net-zero commitment?

Reducing paper statements will contribute to a reduction in our annual operational emissions. We believe in supporting reforestation projects, but this tree planting initiative isn’t part of delivering on our net-zero commitment.