Understanding Visa

We care about your long term financial well-being so we’re transforming how we serve you. By providing you with the right card to suit your needs, and the right information about your enviro Visa* at the right time so that you can be more confident about your payment and purchasing decisions.

Even better, this is a card that aligns with your values. Every time you use your enviro Visa, you help us support environmental initiatives in your community through the enviroFund™ granting program.

Getting started

Received your enviro Visa card in the mail? Follow these steps to activate and start using your new card.

Cardholder and insurance agreements

Get details on your enviro Visa card terms, conditions, and coverage by reviewing your cardholder and insurance agreements.

Ways to best manage your card

When you use it wisely, your enviro Visa credit card can help you achieve your financial goals sooner. Learn how to manage your credit limit, stay on top of spending and reduce interest charges.

How interest works

Find out how interest is calculated, or use our handy online calculator to estimate your interest charges.

Security and protection

Your enviro Visa card is protected by advanced security features such as Chip and PIN technology and the Verified by Visa® service.

Value added enhanced security services

Get extra protection to help you detect fraud, monitor your credit, and keep private information more secure.

Make Good Money™

When you choose and use an enviro Visa card, you earn great rewards, while making good things happen in your community through the enviroFund™ granting program.

Just by using your card for daily transactions, you ensure every year a portion of Vancity enviro Visa's profits are distributed back to your local community. We call it Good Money.

Holiday travel tips

Travelling can be quite expensive, but by arming yourself with these savvy financial tips, you’ll ease the burden on your wallet and avoid financial headaches, leaving you to relax and enjoy your adventure.

™ enviro, Vancity enviroFund and Make Good Money are trademarks of Vancouver City Savings Credit Union.
*Trademark of Visa Int., used under license.