Indigenous communities

Working with Indigenous communities

Vancity is based in the traditional territory of the Coast Salish and Kwakwaka'wakw people. As a financial services co-operative, we work in partnership with First Nation governments and Indigenous not-for-profit organizations to help build stronger communities.

Community wealth

As a progressive financial co-operative, we believe that helping individual members build wealth also builds on the wealth of our communities. And strong communities support our individual members when they need it most. At Vancity, we're much more than a credit union, much more than a provider of financial services, we're part of a highly networked community focused on economic, social and environmental change.

That's why we are working actively to deepen and broaden our relationship with the Indigenous community to understand and meet their needs.

Within the Indigenous community, significant transfers of land and resources, and changes in how government delivers services represent opportunities, and at the same time, are putting pressures on community capacity. In addition, the impact of multi-generational poverty, inadequate housing, and ongoing marginalization have created barriers for economic growth and community development.

Strategic relationships

We believe the key to success is building trusting relationships early on, so that we can grow and develop together. We know we can't do it alone.

By working with our community partners, we can create new and sustainable solutions that address the need for additional capital and improved access to financial services to support individuals, families, new businesses and to help strengthen communities.

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More than financial solutions

It's not just about the bottom line. Vancity believes that true success is measured in financial, social and environmental terms.

What we do – our areas of focus

  1. Access to financial services and financial literacy
  2. Affordable housing and home ownership
  3. Building stronger communities through economic development

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Indigenous employment

One of the most important ways that we can demonstrate our commitment to engaging the Indigenous community is by increasing the number of Indigenous employees on staff. We have a number of positions that we actively recruit for, including Financial Service Representatives, Member Service Centre Agents, Financial Service Officers, Credit Analysts, and Personal and Small Business Account Managers.

These new employees will create better linkages and understanding between Vancity and the community by enhancing the cultural fabric of our workplace, and by bringing first-hand knowledge and experience in how to best serve the needs of this community. To learn more, visit our careers site.


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Vancity invests in Indigenous communities