During these uncertain times, we're making sure no one is overly burdened. You may be able to defer your loan for up to six months.

Being approved for a loan can be the start of something great. A new car. A home renovation. And even an improved environment. Because at Vancity, we approach lending a little differently. With preferential rates on fuel-efficient cars or energy-saving renovations, Vancity helps you borrow, while rewarding you for giving back to the world you care about.

Planet-Wise Solutions

Save money and the planet. Special loans with great rates to help you move, live and grow while making a clean and fair world.

Transportation loan

Car loans for electric or hybrid vehicle and charging station purchases. Also for other low-emission transport like e-bikes.

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Home renovation loan

We offer three, flexible loan options for planet-wise renovations that boost the energy efficiency of your home,

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Business solutions

No matter how big or small, make your business or not‑for‑profit organization more energy‑efficient and climate‑friendly

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Apply for a loan

It's now quick and easy to apply online for a Vancity loan. Start your secure application process here.

Loan insurance

Get peace of mind knowing that your loan or line-of-credit payments are covered in the case of illness, disability, or loss of life.