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When it comes to financing your home, it's good to have options. That's why Vancity offers timely approvals on a range of mortgages with competitive rates. And because it's members helping members, our mortgage specialists will look at your entire financial picture today and help you make sure that the debt you take on today will still work for you tomorrow. It's good to feel right at home when finding the right mortgage, while helping your community grow.

Get up to $4,000 cash back and peace of mind on eligible mortgages.

Lock in early by getting pre-approved now or plan for your upcoming mortgage renewal by switching to Vancity. For a limited time, you’ll get up to $4,000 cash back. Terms and conditions apply. 

Plus, a mortgage with us means 
     • A mortgage process that is as easy and stress-free as possible  
Money-saving tips and financial advice from our dedicated mortgage specialists 
You’re helping build a clean and fair world with your deposits, with 30% of our profits going back to our community  


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