First Nations Mortgage Solutions

Build, renovate or buy a house on First Nation land.

Also known as reserve land for CRA purposes.

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Getting a loan or mortgage for a home on First Nations land is possible. Like all lending, you have flexible borrowing terms and competitive interest rates. We’re continuously improving an application process that respects and honours traditional Indigenous teachings alongside our commitments to Reconciliation.

Tailored lending for your nation.

We’ll work with your nation to choose the right program for you, while exploring other options as well.

Ministerial Loan Guarantee Program

If you live in a First Nations community that participates in this federally sponsored program, we can help you utilize it to secure loans to build, purchase, or renovate housing.

First Nations Market Housing Fund

This fund aims to facilitate a wide range of market-based housing options for residents of First Nation communities, while respecting First Nation lands that are communally owned.

Tsawwassen First Nation Home Mortgage Program

Developed in partnership with Vancity and the Tsawwassen First Nation (TFN), this program is for the purpose of purchasing and/or building residential homes on Tsawwassen First Nations land.

Self-Leased Land Program

Participating First Nation governments have adopted Land Codes that offer the option to enter into a self-lease over their allotted lands with competitive rates and and other features for their members.

Which program is right for you?
Connect with a qualified expert who can help identify which programs your nation participates in and discuss options that work for you.

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Eligibility requirements.

Member of a nation

You are a member of a nation that participates in one or more of these programs.

Participation support

You’ve approached your Chief and Council and/or Housing Department to obtain their support.

Certificate of Possession

You have a Certificate of Possession or have been granted use of land by your Band Council.

Making it happen.

Everyone’s journey is different. Here’s what an application process for these lending solutions might look like.

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Learn about options tailored to you

So far we’ve only covered the basics. Conversations will help us learn more about you so we can build your best option. We’ll discuss your goals to buy, renovate, or build, and guide you towards applying for lending that fits you.

“Not yet” is never a hard “no” at Vancity. We take pride in every opportunity to work with you to find a solution.


To start the application process, we’ll work with you to verify your income, down payment, and the source(s) of funds so that you’re set up for a successful borrowing experience with a 120-day rate guarantee.

Applications and the amount you can borrow are subject to meeting Vancity's usual credit criteria.


When your application is approved, you’ll receive a letter to show our intention to hold a specific rate and amount of borrowing for you. If you agree to proceed, you’ll be asked to submit additional documents about your new home or construction.

We’ll submit documentation to your Band Council and First Nation. If insurance is needed, we'll also submit documents to CHMC. Once confirmed, you can visit a branch to sign the official agreements or sign online.

Your funds will be provided in full if you're purchasing, or in smaller amounts if you're building or renovating.

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Here for you at every step.

We get it, all this information at once can be overwhelming. No matter if you’re early, late, or right on time in the process, we can equip you with knowledge to make confident financial decisions. Together, we can work towards:

  • Sharing a financial literacy program that's tailored to you.
  • Learning ways you manage your banking services.
  • Working together to build your support system as needed.

Let's get started.

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