Mixer Mortgage™

Share the pizza, split the bill.

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Ten close friends from East Van bought 4 acres on the Sunshine Coast to build a neighbourhood that’s affordable to them.

The Mixer Mortgage™ is a type of joint mortgage that allows you to share the costs of home ownership with others while choosing the mortgage rate, term and amortization that works best for each individual person.

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Great if

You want to pool your resources with other people and buy a house together. The Mixer Mortgage works well for multi-generational families who want to live together, friends who dream of building your own neighbourhood, or roommates who decide to buy instead of splitting rent.

Key features.

Buy a bigger pie.

Partnering with others increases your purchasing power, so it’s easier to afford the home you want. However, it also means if one person can’t pay their share, everyone else remains equally responsible for the entire amount of the mortgage.

Order it your way.

Though your mortgage is shared, it’s yours to customize. Each person on the mortgage can have their preferred interest rate1 and type, term and amortization.

More to love about this mortgage.

Transfer your mortgage to a new property or buyer

The Mixer Mortgage is portable and assumable, which means you can transfer it to a new property with the same terms, or to a third-party homebuyer who will take over the remaining payments.2

Option to add multiple-owner life insurance

Enjoy peace of mind when you add life insurance designed for multiple-owner arrangements.

Professional guidance and legal support

We’ll help you set up your mortgage, provide a referral for legal support to complete your co-ownership agreement, and secure investment protection advice from a Vancity Wealth Protection Investment Specialist.

Choose your rates, term and amortization

With a Mixer Mortgage, you can choose from a variety of mortgage options to find the rates and terms for your lifestyle and budget. Explore all Vancity mortgage rates.

Buy a home with less.

With CMHC mortgage loan insurance, you could put as little as 5% down on the first $500,000 and 10% on the rest for a home that costs under $1 million. You’ll also get a reasonable interest rate, even with your smaller down payment.

Learn how to build your down payment



You are at least 19 years old.


You live in British Columbia and have a BC address.


The home you're looking to purchase is in British Columbia.


You pass the stress test.

The stress test is a formula set by the Federal Government to ensure you’ll be able to afford your mortgage. To pass the stress test, you’ll need to qualify for your mortgage at the minimum qualifying rate of 5.25% or your contractual mortgage rate +2%, whichever is higher.

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