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Indigenous financial workshops

Wealth Mindset: Indigenous Financial Resilience.

Host workshops and give members of your community the tools to make financial confident decisions through an Indigenous lens.

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Indigenous taught and led approach.

Invite our indigenous colleagues to host workshops that celebrate Indigenous resilience and prioritize the cultural safety of Indigenous people.

Build skills and confidence

Learn how to build your wealth with basic budgeting and managing your money.

Learn through stories and real examples

Hear from Elders about their financial journeys and how they’ve helped their communities.

For individuals, communities, teachers

Host an Indigenous financial education workshop for anyone in your community.

About the Wealth Mindset program.

Created alongside Called to Action Collaborative, Elders, and our Indigenous colleagues, the courses aim to remove barriers for Indigenous people to build wealth, and pass learnings down to future generations.

The logo inspired Tom Spetter, Lead Designer of Animikii Indigenous Technology, talks about his vision behind the design.

“Eagle Feathers represent peace, prosperity, and happiness. I fanned out an array of seven feathers to represent the concept of decisions made today impacting Seven Generations into the future.”

Our workshops & topics.

We offer free, virtual and in-person workshops for flexible group sizes. Choose one workshop, or the entire series.

Circle Module.

Duration 2-3 hours depending on group sizes.

What is covered:

  • What is Indigenous financial literacy
  • Your values and relationship with money
  • First peoples’ concepts of wealth and economy
  • Colonization and multigenerational impacts
  • Economic resurgence and innovation
  • Money as life energy
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Banking basics.

Duration 1 hour

What is covered:

  • How to choose the right financial institution and account for your needs
  • Way to reduce your account fees
  • How to make interest work for you, not against you
  • Basic skills, such as opening a bank account and writing a cheque
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Basic budgeting.

Duration 1 hour

What is covered:

  • What is a budget and the benefits of creating one
  • Understanding the difference between a ‘want’ and a ‘need’
  • Expenses tracking
  • Making financial goals
  • How to develop a budget
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