Non-profit housing retrofit grants

Supporting climate-friendly retrofits.


Up to $80,000


Non-profit housing providers to plan for climate-friendly renovations

We’re providing $5 million in grants and supports over the next three years to help non-profit housing providers plan for deep energy retrofit projects.

It’s a key part of our climate commitments.

What the Non-Profit Housing Retrofit Program offers.

We support projects that help non-profit housing providers put their buildings on a pathway to net-zero and climate resilience — toward buildings that emit no greenhouse gases and better withstand the negative effects of a changing climate, ensuring occupant comfort and health are maintained.

Non-profit housing providers, and organizations that support them, can apply to three program areas that help plan and support climate-friendly retrofits. We will be expanding this program to include co-operative housing in the near feature.

Plan it right.

Get grants up to $80,000 to support planning for deep energy and carbon retrofit projects such as:

  • Replacing natural gas-fired heating, hot water, ventilation, and air conditioning with electric systems
  • Improving energy efficiency
  • Adding cooling and improving ventilation
  • Other measures that enable buildings to withstand the negative effects of a changing climate

Grants can be used in combination with other funding programs.

Funds for.

You can use these grants for:

  • Portfolio planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Building energy studies
  • Other plans and studies required for retrofit projects
  • Added organization capacity to support retrofit planning
  • Commissioning new equipment post-retrofit
  • Other projects that support a pathway to net-zero and climate resilience


You are eligible to participate in the program if your organization is:

  • A non-profit housing society or an organization that helps non-profit housing providers implement climate-friendly retrofits
  • A Vancity member

Not a member?
Connect with our Community Investment team and learn about all the ways we can support your organization.

How to apply.

Email our Community Investment team at about your retrofit project needs.

Here’s what you should include:

  • A description of the project you would like a grant for
  • Your thoughts on how the project moves your building(s) toward being net-zero
  • An initial budget for the project

We’ll follow up to request additional information or a meeting to discuss your project. Our process is simple and without a formal application as we continue to learn about where our members need support.

Be one of the firsts.

To reach a net-zero future, portfolio and capital planning need to include measures for deep emissions reductions and climate resilience. This pilot will contribute to best practices in the non-profit housing sector. Pilot participants will work closely with Affine Climate Solutions to test new approaches for net-zero retrofit planning.

Pilot participants will receive free consulting services from Affine Climate Solutions that include:

  • Climate-aligned portfolio planning that promotes emissions reductions, resilience, and maintenance priorities
  • Based on the climate-aligned portfolio plan, selection of one net-zero retrofit pilot project
  • Project management support for a net-zero emissions energy study for the selected pilot project
  • Based on the study results, retrofit business case development and financial analysis for the net-zero retrofit pilot project

We’re seeking members that have a mortgage with Vancity and support at the Board and Executive levels to achieve significant emission reductions across their building portfolio.

Interested in participating?
Please email to express your interest. We’ll be shortlisting 3-5 participants.

Strengthen the sector.

If your non-profit organization enables non-profit housing providers to implement retrofit projects, we’d love to support your work. Organizations we’ve supported and ways they’ve used the funding:

  • Aboriginal Housing Management Association
    Increase their capacity to enable their members to plan and implement retrofit projects.
  • BC Non-Profit Housing Association
    Develop new training curricula for housing providers – at the staff and board levels – on planning for building renewal and retrofits.
  • Affine Climate Solutions
    Provide free consulting services to non-profit housing members participating in the Net-zero Pilot Program.

Should your organization be on this list?
Connect with us at

We’re just getting started.

Help us evolve this brand new program. What challenges are you seeing with retrofitting buildings that we can help with? How can we expand support to housing co-operatives?

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