Every year, Vancity holds its Board of Directors’ Election for three available director positions.

Members are invited to participate in three ways:

  • to serve as non-director members of the Nominations and Election Committee;
  • to run as a candidates in the election; and
  • to vote for candidates who will represent the membership as a Board Member.

Board Elections Results 2020:

Members of Vancity credit union have elected Anita Braha, Lily Grewal, and Christie Stephenson to the board of directors, each for a three-year term. Khelsilem has been elected to the board for a one-year period, serving the final year of a board member who resigned from the board on May 1 due to personal reasons.

Full results from Vancity’s 2020 Board of Directors’ election are:

  • Anita Braha - 21,152 votes
  • Lily Grewal - 20,153 votes
  • Christie Stephenson - 19,224 votes
  • Khelsilem - 15,060 votes
  • Doug Enns - 13,611 votes
  • Suzanne Nievaart - 7,430 votes

Member involvement in the election is critical in maintaining Vancity’s success, the values on which the credit union is founded, and the innovative strategies that enable Vancity to serve its members, communities and beyond.

Election process

  1. Appointment of Nominations and Election Committee (September)
  2. Call for Nominations (November – February)
  3. Candidate list confirmed (February)
  4. Election (May)
  5. Annual General Meeting – announcement of election results (June)