Chequing accounts

Account NameOverviewKey Features
E Package Chequing Enjoy unlimited Everyday Transactions1 if you maintain a minimum monthly balance of $1,0008.
  • Get Everyday Debit Card5, Everyday Cheque and Preauthorised Payment2, and Everyday Online and Mobile Transactions3 for $7.75/month
  • Get one free Everyday In-Person Transaction4
  • Free INTERAC e-Transfer® transactions
  • Pay no monthly fee and get Everyday Transactions free1 if you maintain a minimum balance of $1,0006
Pay As You Go Chequing No monthly fee and pay only for the Everyday Transactions1 you make.
  • Get unlimited Everyday Transactions1 free if you maintain a minimum balance of $1,0006
  • Pay a per-transaction fee only, with no monthly fee
Chequing Plus for seniors Members age 55+ get additional benefits.
  • No monthly fee
  • Get unlimited Everyday Transactions1 free, regardless of the minimum balance you maintain
Chequing Plus for youth Members under 25 get additional benefits.
  • No monthly fee
  • Get unlimited Everyday Transactions1 free, regardless of the minimum balance you maintain
Access Chequing Accessible account for disabled members
  • Combined total of 40 free Everyday Transactions1 per month
  • Free INTERAC e-Transfer® transactions
  • No ATM network fees2
USD Chequing Get access to US funds, manage the exchange rate, and pay no monthly fees.
  • Get 1 Everyday Transaction1 free per month
USD Chequing Plus Members age 55+  get additional benefits.
  • Get unlimited Everyday Transactions1 free

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Access void cheques

Go to our Learning Hub to learn how to find and access your void cheque.

1 Everyday Transactions are all of these:
2Everyday Cheque and Preauthorized Payment Transactions are cheque transactions and preauthorized payments (PADs) from Vancity Accounts.
3Everyday Online and Mobile Transactions are bill payments, cheque deposit using Vancity Mobile Deposit™, transfers from Vancity Accounts made online using a computer, mobile phone, Mobile Device or using Vancity’s automated Telephone Banking service.
4Everyday In-Person Transactions are Account withdrawals, bill payments, transfers to or from Vancity Accounts conducted person-to-person, over the phone with our branch staff or Member Service Centre staff.
5Everyday Debit Card Transactions are debit card purchases or ATM cash withdrawals or ATM transfers from Accounts.

Everyday Transaction fees are calculated and charged at month end for Vancity’s chequing and savings products, with the exception of Jumpstart High Interest where the fees are incurred immediately when the transaction is made. Overdraft interest, not covered by a Creditline line of credit or a Personaline line of credit, accrues immediately and will be calculated and payable at month end.

6You must retain a minimum of $1000.00 in Your Account at all times for the full calendar month for Everyday Transaction fees and monthly package fee (if applicable) to be waived.