Direct deposit

Set up a direct deposit to receive your payments faster and avoid the hassle of having to deal with physical cheques and their processing time.

How to set up a direct deposit

Setting up a direct deposit is easy. Simply download a direct deposit form, fill it out, then provide it to your employer or income provider.

Download a direct deposit form (PDF, 44KB)

Find your transit and account number

Find your branch's address

Please note that some employers or income providers may ask for a void cheque in order to set up a direct deposit. In many cases, employers or income providers will accept our direct deposit form in place of a void cheque. However, if you do require one, here’s how to order void cheques from Vancity.

What you’ll need to set up a direct deposit

In order to fill out a direct deposit form correctly, you’ll need the following information:

What Vancity members use direct deposits for

Vancity members typically set up direct deposits for things like their:

  • Employment paycheques
  • Pension payments
  • Disability payments
  • Government deposits

Have a question about direct deposits?

We’re here to help. Please contact us and we’ll make sure you get the information you need.