About our ATMs.

ATM features at home or away.

Access your money easily and ding-free at over 4000 ATMs across Canada. Transactions will be subject to the Everyday Transaction* fees applicable to your account.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Choose a Canadian EXCHANGE® or ACCULINK® network ATM for your deposit or withdrawal, and it'll work just the same as a Vancity ATM.

Change PIN

Conveniently change your Personal Identification Number (PIN) by verifying your existing PIN at any Vancity, EXCHANGE, or ACCULINK ATM across Canada.

View account balance

Check on your Vancity account balance from across the country by visiting a Vancity, Canadian EXCHANGE, or ACCULINK ATM.

Canada-wide coverage.

Access ATMs in credit unions and select banks across Canada and pay no surcharge, thanks to our ding-free network.

Look for the Vancity, The EXCHANGE® and ACCULINK® logos at ATMs located within Vancity, Coast Capital, Prospera, Blue Shore, National bank and Canadian Western Bank*. That's a bigger ATM network in Canada than most banks, and it's 100% ding-free.



  • Cash withdrawals
  • Deposits*, transfers, balance inquiries
  • Change PIN #
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Not ding-free.


  • Cash withdrawals
  • Network and surcharge fees apply.
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ATMs worldwide.

Taking a trip to the USA? Look for Allpoint® ATMs located in common retailers like Target, Walgreens, Safeway, Circle K, and CVS Pharmacies. With over 55,000 participating ATMs — including 1 out of every 12 ATMs in the USA — your cash is never far away.

When Allpoint isn't an option, look for the ACCEL® POS networks. Internationally, keep an eye out for the Cirrus® Network logo.


Accel Allpoint

  • Cash withdrawals
  • Network and surcharge fees apply.
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  • Cash withdrawals
  • Network and surcharge fees apply.
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Ding-free! It means, as a member, you don't pay any surcharges at credit unions and other participating ATMs across Canada for withdrawals, deposits, and balance inquiries. Everyday Transaction* fees still apply.

What's a surcharge?

It's a fee that the ATM owner charges an ATM user. Usually, ATMs that have surcharges will show a warning screen before your transaction ends to let you know about the charge. Surcharges can be $1.25 and up per transaction, and they're charged in addition to the Everyday Transaction and the ATM Network fees applicable to your account.

And ATM limits?

Personal daily limits apply to your Member Card® debit card for cash withdrawals and to make purchases at chip-enabled terminals.

See limits for ATM withdrawal and point-of-sale purchases

If you need your limit increased for a planned transaction, please call the Member Services Centre.