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Foreign exchange solutions for Businesses

If you are a business owner or manager, we can help you understand how and why the Canadian dollar fluctuates versus other major world currencies—and what you can do with that information in order to protect your company’s bottom line. This knowledge can help you feel more confident about your business decisions and minimize the risks that are a natural part of doing business globally. We offer a wide spectrum of foreign exchange business solutions, including:

  • Sending and receiving payments
  • Managing foreign exchange risk
  • A variety of risk management tools
  • Settlement options
  • Market monitoring and overnight orders
  • Multi-currency bank drafts

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Foreign Exchange Market Commentary

Our foreign exchange market commentaries provide you with daily updates on several currency rates (including USD/CAD and EUR/CAD), markets to watch, and in-depth commentary on events affecting the foreign exchange currency market. Updated every business day by 8 a.m. Pacific Time.

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Benefits of working with our Foreign Exchange Account Manager

We represent your best interests

If you do business across borders, our Foreign Exchange Account Managers have the expertise to help you save money, protect against currency risk, and make payments easier. Since our Foreign Exchange Account Managers are not commission-based, you can count on them to provide objective recommendations based on what is right for you.

We offer superior convenience

We make it easy for you to make the trades and other arrangements you want. We are pleased to provide electronic settlement at other financial institutions as well as same-day trade and settlement, and same-day cheque-exchange settlement.

We can help you reduce costs

We don’t charge for foreign drafts, and our flat wire fee is competitive compared with those charged by most banks. We do not charge for cheques or bank-to-bank settlements, and there is no fee to open an account.

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Foreign exchange for personal needs

We also provide foreign exchange services for individuals.
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