New branch design

Good Money gives great ideas the space to grow

We’ve redesigned our branches to become places where people gather, values are shared and we build community. Places where we offer savvy financial service and advice by meeting the needs of members. It is more than a new look, it’s a new way to do business. One of Vancity’s strengths has always been our ability to help members thrive financially as we build vibrant communities together. This approach is at the heart of sustainable banking and our philosophy of making you good money by putting money to good, and our new branch redesign helps us achieve this.

What's different about our new branches?

Alongside the financial expertise, community vibe, and helpful personality you find in every Vancity branch, there are now tangible elements in our branches that will help great things happen.

Which branches have this new design?

Currently, there are six Vancity community branches with these new design elements. To book The Community Stage, please visit or call the branch directly:

The Concierge and the artwork

Entrance to the branch

  • a concierge greets members and helps direct them to where their questions about financial services and advice can be answered
  • the concierge wall features a large scale art installation we commissioned from a local artist to reflect and interpret the rich and diverse culture of the community

The Community Stage

Theatre-style presentation room

  • community groups convene and action plan
  • seminars and special events encourage new connections
  • town halls address relevant, urgent community issues
Featuring: theatre seating, large flat screen monitor, PC feed, keyboard, wireless mouse and internet enabled.

The Showcase

Display space for local products and services

  • local merchants and not-for-profits share their stories
  • members discover their neighbourhood’s best-kept-secrets
  • artisans offer samples of hand-crafted goods or coupons for services
  • community groups raise awareness and build connections
Featuring: adjustable shelves, sample bowl, pamphlet holder and poster board.

Coin Counter*

The coin counter is free to use for members and the public. It accepts loose change and is accessible during branch hours only.

* This coin counting machine is made available for your use free of charge on an “as is, as available, and with all faults” basis. Machines can make errors. Risk of errors increase if you deposit large quantities of coins, or you or other users deposit foreign objects or debris, or a blockage occurs. We do not represent or guarantee that coin counts provided to you by this machine will be accurate, or that the machine will be free from defects, of any kind, from any cause, including errors that may have been preventable by ordinary maintenance. We reserve the right to verify counts before making payment on any receipt from this machine. You must, upon request, provide information about the source of funds, personal identifying information, and show identification before we make payment on any receipt for risk management and legal compliance purposes.

You may use this machine ONLY if you accept ALL risk of erroneous counts. By agreeing to these terms you agree that you will not have any claim against Vancity for loss arising from your use of this machine, due to any cause of any kind, even if we were negligent, could have taken steps to avoid the risk, or were made aware of risk of error in counting by this particular machine. Branch staff do not have any authority to alter these terms by agreement or representations made to you. If you do not agree to these terms you may not use this machine.