Connect with Us Online

When you access, online banking, our mobile app, or apply for products and services online, Vancity may collect information from you, your computer, your mobile device, or your network. Vancity may also collect and use personal information that you submit via these online interactions.

For example, Vancity collects information about the types of web browsers used to access, the levels of encryption supported by these web browsers, the date and time of access, internet protocol (IP) addresses, your answers to authentication questions, login identification (PAC/PAN), multi-factor authentication codes, and information regarding your online transactions. Vancity uses this information to process transactions, analyze trends, improve your experience, and protect your online security.

When you use our mobile app, you permit Vancity to collect information about your mobile device such as model and device ID. If you enable the following features, you also consent to the use of your camera and/or photos to deposit cheques, your location to find branches/ATMs, and your contacts to manage e-transfer recipients. Biometric authentication such as Touch ID or Face ID is stored on your device and not collected by Vancity. If fingerprints, face scans, or biometrics other than your own are stored on your device, do not enable these features if you use the Vancity mobile app.

To protect against unauthorized access to your accounts, our online banking system may automatically log you off after an extended period of inactivity. If this happens, you will be required to log in again to resume your online banking transactions. To enhance the security of your online sessions, you may be asked to provide a multi-factor authentication password via text message (SMS) or voice call.

Disclosing your login information to enroll in third-party finance software, for instance for budgeting or accounting, is at your own risk. uses cookies and similar technologies to provide you with the best experience and to tailor our advertising to your interests. For more information about how uses cookies, please see our Cookie Policy.