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Understanding RESPs

Understanding registered education savings plans (RESPs) is easy when you have access to the right information and advice from our investment professionals. Learn more about how RESPs can help you and your family grow education savings faster with tax incentives, government top-ups, and smart investment strategies.

FAQs about RESPs

Am I eligible for an RESP? How much can I contribute? What do I need to know about grants? Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about RESPs.

Compare RESPs

Not sure about your RESP options? Find out what types of investments are RESP-eligible, compare the benefits of each type, and choose the one that’s right for you.

Talk to us

Need help understanding your RESP options? Talk to one of our investment professionals. You can book an appointment online or call 604.709.5955.


SmartSAVER: Your Guide to RESPs

We're proud to support SmartSAVER, an online resource and application tool to help families learn about and access the Canada Learning Bond through RESPs.