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Types of investments

One size doesn’t always fit all, here are options that fit.

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Investments to choose from.

Registered investment plans - like a TFSA, RRSP, RRIF, RDSP, or RESP - lay out specific rules and benefits for your investments, like how you’re taxed and when you can withdraw. But, registered or not, you can invest your money in all kinds of ways.

Here are just a few options for investing with Vancity or through our partners at Credential Securities or Credential Asset Management Inc.

Term deposits

A term deposit, also known as a guaranteed investment certificate (GIC), is a low-risk investment that earns interest. Many of these deposits go to funding loans and mortgages for members.

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Mutual funds*, ETFs, stocks and bonds

Market-based investments are a common recommendation for long-term investing, like planning for retirement. You can invest with a professional or do it yourself online.

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High interest savings account

Earn interest while maintaining flexibility. A high interest savings account can be great for short-term savings or when you’re undecided but want to earn some interest in the meanwhile.

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Invest your way.

With a professional

Thinking about the future can be tough. Thankfully, our experts do it everyday. Let us handle your investments and financial planning.

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Manage your investments online with Direct Investing™ᶲ or contribute anytime to Qtrade Guided Portfolios, a fully-automated investing platform.

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