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Applications are now being accepted for Local Food Project Grants.
Letter of intent deadline August 17, 2015
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Vancity enviro Visa* cardholders have helped raise millions of dollars in grants over the years just by using their credit cards for daily transactions. How? Every year, 5% of Vancity enviro Visa's profits are distributed back to the local community through the Vancity enviroFund program.

The enviroFund has distributed a total of $6.2 million since its inception in 1990 to support organizations that make an impact by helping to address local environmental concerns and build the sustainability of our local communities.

Focus for 2015

In 2015, the enviroFund is continuing to provide support towards the development of a sustainable, local food system. For Vancity, a strong sustainable food system is one in which sustainable food production, processing, distribution and consumption are integrated to enhance the economic, environmental and social health of our operating regions of Metro Vancouver, Greater Victoria and the Fraser Valley.

In 2015, the enviroFund will allocate $700,000 in funding to support three program areas:

1. Targeted Sector Support

Vancity is committed to helping local and organic food businesses grow.

In 2015, the enviroFund will continue to support food sector associations whose mandate supports the development of sustainable local food-related businesses, including producers (farmers, fishers), small and medium scale food processors, restaurants and the retail sector. Vancity works with select organizations throughout the year to build their capacity to deliver services to their members in our local communities.

In 2014 we supported:

The BC Association of Farmers' Markets to enhance their Strengthening Farmers Markets program and provide more resources, tools and support to help their members grow. The Association is committed to developing and strengthening the capacity of local farmers' markets, so that the markets can continue to support local farmers and food producers and provide British Columbians with fresh healthy local food.

The Small Scale Food Processor Association to continue their work helping small and medium size enterprises in the food processing industry by providing education, training and networking opportunities to this local business sector.

The 2015 sector support organizations will be announced shortly.

2. Sustainable Food System Development Initiatives

This program is aimed at providing support for organizations which are focused on developing a viable and sustainable local food system through sector development initiatives. We are interested in supporting organizations to build a food system which contributes to a healthier environment, improved individual health, and a more resilient local economy.

We are inviting applications from key organizations with a strong mandate to develop a sustainable food system. To be eligible, organizations must have been operating for three years, achieved significant accomplishments and received prior Vancity funding for local food sector development work. This funding will be available to support their core operations and ongoing program areas.

Application for this funding program is by invitation only. If your organization is interested in applying please contact Moira Teevan at moira_teevan@vancity.com to discuss. Applicants will be invited to submit proposals in March, 2015.

Grant size: $20,000 - $40,000.

3. Local Food Project Grants

Vancity is interested in supporting larger-scale projects that are innovative or scalable will increase local sustainable food production and lead to the growth of this sector. For more information on this program, click here.

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