enviroFund™ program

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Vancity enviro Visa* cardholders have helped raise millions of dollars in grants over the years just by using their credit cards for daily transactions. How? Every year, five percent of Vancity enviro Visa’s profits support the Vancity enviroFund program, providing the funds to support numerous local community projects.

The enviroFund has distributed a total of $6.9 million since its inception in 1990 to support organizations that make an impact by helping to address local environmental concerns and build the sustainability of our local communities.

* Visa Int./Vancity, Licensed User.
™ Vancity enviroFund, and enviroFund are registered trademarks of Vancouver City Savings Credit Union.


Congrats to the 2015 recipients

In 2015, the enviroFund allocated $700,000 in funding to support three program areas.

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