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Understanding investments

Creating a smart investment strategy is essential for people who want to build wealth and security that lasts a lifetime. Whether you’re investing for the first time or you want to refresh your knowledge, you’ll find information here to guide you through the process.

When you invest with Vancity, your money works harder and does so much more—not just for you and your family, but for your community and the environment, too. We specialize in helping individuals find ethical, sustainable investments that support their values and their financial goals.

The financial planning process

With the right plan, you can achieve so much more. Get tips on investing, budgeting, and preparing for life’s big milestones, including education planning, retirement planning, and estate planning.

Investment planning

Get some basic information about the different types of investments available, learn some of the pros and cons for each type, and find out how to choose the ones that are right for you.

Working with a financial planner

Everyone can benefit from the professional advice of a financial planner. Find out how a financial planner can help you grow wealth faster, and learn how to choose one who fits your needs.

Financial planning FAQs

Got questions? You’ll quickly find answers by searching our most frequently asked questions.

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