Socially responsible investing

Socially Responsible Investing

No one should have to choose between building wealth and building a better world. At Vancity, we believe that companies with socially responsible corporate behaviour offer the best prospects for creating and preserving long-term value, and with less risk.

At Vancity, socially responsible investing lets you align your investment goals with your values, so that you can enjoy competitive financial returns while making a positive social impact.

What is socially responsible investing?

Socially responsible investing is an investment approach that considers both the financial return and the social good that a company generates. By selecting companies that improve our communities and our environment, and by excluding companies that have a negative impact, we can offer investments that contribute to a better financial future for you and a better world for everyone.

How are investments selected?

We select companies to invest in based on three factors:

  • Environmental Performance
    How does a company act as a steward for the natural environment? For example, how does its operations impact the environment? Are they taking steps to reduce reliance on non-renewable energy sources?
  • Social Responsibility
    How does a company treat people both inside and outside the company? For example, do they value diversity? Do they protect human and consumer rights?
  • Corporate Governance
    How does a company govern itself? For example, how are executives compensated? Does the company operate transparently and accountably?

We exclude companies that are involved in industries that we consider to be harmful to the community or the environment:

  • Tobacco
  • Nuclear power
  • Military weapons
  • Pornography
  • Gaming
How do we advocate for change?

Vancity Investment Management (VCIM) believes sustainable companies offer the best prospects for creating and preserving long-term value. We monitor each company and as stakeholders encourage them to address issues that could have a negative effect on the community or the environment.

For example, we have worked to:

  • Improve conditions for factory workers in developing countries
  • Prevent the manufacture of products that contain toxins
  • Ensure company goods are not produced by slave labour
  • Uncover instances of child labour in mining operations

By actively educating businesses about the impact of their operations, we can help them make sustainable choices that improve people’s lives as well as the bottom line.

Our socially responsible solutions

Our team of wealth management professionals has access to a wide range of socially responsible savings and investment products, including:

Getting started

To learn more about socially responsible investing, set up an appointment with one of our wealth management professionals today.

To learn more about our engagement activities and how environmental, social, and governance issues affect shareholder value, download our 2016/Q1 2017 Shareholder Engagement Report.

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