Protect your passwords

Just as the key to your home protects you from unwanted entry, your personal security features are your keys to safe and secure banking. When selecting passwords or codes, choose options that are easy for you to remember, but hard for others to guess. These include:

  • Online Banking Password - select an 8- to 30-character password that contains letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Personal Access questions - select three personal questions you must answer correctly when first logging in to online or mobile banking from a new computer you don't normally use.
  • Telephone Banking Code # - select a 5- to 8-digit numeric code.
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN #) for use in automated teller machines (ATMs) and in stores – select a four-digit numeric code.
  • In-branch Member Identification Code (MIC), a one-word code used to identify you in a branch - select a word that is meaningful to you but not to others.

Each of these passwords or passcodes ensures that only you can access your accounts and other personal information. It's your responsibility to protect your passcodes. Please observe the following security practices when it comes to passwords and passcodes:

  • When selecting your passcode, never use obvious information that is easy to guess, such as 1234567, or based on personal information, such as your birth date, address, phone number, social insurance number or similar information about your family or friends.
  • Do not share your passcodes or personal access features with anyone, especially online – not even to the police, Vancity employees or your Internet service provider.
  • Do not write down your passcode or store it in a file on your computer.
  • Never disclose your passcode in a voicemail or email, and never disclose it over the phone, especially a cell phone.
  • Do not permit anyone to observe you entering your passcode. Use your hands or your body to shield your passcodes when entering them in a public place.
  • Change your passcodes on a regular basis.

Important: some fraudsters may contact you posing as a Vancity (or other financial institution) employee, and try to get you to tell them personal information and your passcodes. Vancity will never ask you for your online banking credentials and will only ask you a series of security questions to verify that they are speaking to the right person. When in doubt, tell the financial institution you’ll call them back at a phone number you know is valid.

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