Types of Vancity RRSP Loans

We've created two special RRSP loan products designed to help you either

  1. make part or all of your annual RRSP contribution, or
  2. catch up your unused RRSP contributions from past years

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1. Vancity RRSP Re-Advanceable Loan1

This is our most popular loan for funding annual RRSP contributions and gives you plenty of flexibility.

  • competitive interest rate
  • 90-day deferred payment option
  • option to use your tax refund as your first payment
  • borrow up to your annual contribution limit and pay back the loan over 12 months
  • preferential rates available when you use your RRSP loan to invest in term deposits, mutual funds or products offered by Credential®.
  • get your loan in one day on average
  • say goodbye to future loan applications and paperwork: when your first loan is approved, it's re-advanceable in future years, so you can just call us, tell us how much you need, and we’ll do the rest

2. Vancity RRSP Top-Up Loan

Top-up loans are a great way to maximize your accumulated RRSP contribution room

  • keep your payments affordable by paying off your loan over a terms as long as 10 years
  • use the catch-up loan if you are making a larger contribution (The minimum is $5,000; please see your account manager to determine the maximum amount you are eligible to borrow.)
  • pay competitive interest rates based on your personal situation
  • preferential rates available when use your catch-up loan to invest in term deposits, mutual funds or and products offered by Credential®
  • make lump-sum principal re-payments at any time

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1The annual Percentage Rate (APR) is based on a loan of $1000 with monthly payments and a 1 year term. APR assumes no fees apply. Rates subject to change without notice.