Shared World fixed term deposit

Investing to end poverty

Did you know that more than one billion people in the world live on less than $1 per day? The Shared World term deposit is a way for you to help address poverty in developing regions and earn a competitive return on your investment.

There are three easy ways to purchase a term deposit

It's a simple concept.

The Shared World term deposit takes your deposits and invests them in groups that provide affordable credit so people in poor areas of the world can create opportunities for themselves and their families. You get a fair return on your investment, and international groups get much-needed capital to address poverty issues.

Vancity works with organizations which have unique expertise in the micro finance sector. Your deposits become the lending capital for microfinance loans. These loans provide affordable credit to people in poor areas of the world. The loans help make recipients self-sufficient so they can support themselves, their families and enrich their communities.


  • save for your future and help people build their livelihoods in developing regions of the world.
  • create a ripple effect with your investment. When you invest in a Shared World Term Deposit, your dollars are loaned out again and again. So many families and small businesses are helped. When the 1 year term is up, you get your investment back with interest. Or you can choose to re-invest.
  • affordable investment for all savers and investors: minimum investment is $100.


  • 1 year non-redeemable term deposit
  • RRSP eligible