Planet-Wise™ Index-linked term deposit

Get involved in the market while protecting your principal.

Term length

3 or 5 years


Principal is guaranteed

Options for

Non-registered accounts, TFSA, RRSP, RRIF¹

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This term deposit is great if:
You like the guaranteed return of a term deposit but wish it had a higher potential return without all the risk of the stock market.

How it works:
The return you make with this term deposit is based on a portfolio of major companies. These companies were selected and ESG-screened (which means ones that don't meet our standards for sustainability are excluded, like oil and gas companies). How much money you earn at the end of the term is related to how they performed in the stock market.

This term deposit is also non-redeemable¹, which means your investment is locked-in for 3 or 5 years.

When to invest:
Like scoring tickets to your favourite show in town, you can only invest in index-linked term deposits at special times of the year. The sales period will run from May 21 - July 22, 2024.

Your index-linked options.

From the options below, select the Planet-Wise™ Index-Linked Term Deposit that offers your ideal term and rate details.

3-year non-redeemable¹

5 year non-redeemable¹

Guaranteed minimum rate



Maximum cap rate

(11.33% annual compound)

(10.53% annual compound)

Ask the pros.

What does ESG mean? How is this term connected to the term deposit?

ESG stands for 'environmental, social, and governance'. An ESG screening excludes a list of criteria designed to identify companies that have exposure to unsustainable products or services, which are then omitted from our portfolio. Exclusions are based on revenue screening with companies earning 5% or more revenue from direct 'Big 5' products and service offerings excluded from investment. The 'Big 5' is made up of tobacco, gambling, adult entertainment, weapons, and nuclear power.

The Planet-Wise ILTD offering excludes these sectors — so, along with being linked to stock performance, your ILTD investment includes ESG considerations.

What makes it Planet-Wise?

The Planet-Wise ILTD offering excludes sectors that don’t meet our standards for sustainable products and services, like oil & gas. Not only is your Planet-Wise ILTD return linked to stock performance, but it’s based on ESG considerations.

How is this different from other term deposits?

Instead of earning a guaranteed and known amount, your return will be within a set range that’s shared with you when you invest. The return you receive at maturity is based on a formula and the performance of this basket of stocks. See our Terms & Conditions for more information.

How’s this different from investing in stocks?

When investing in the market, your principal is at risk. In contrast, when you invest in an ILTD, your principal is guaranteed, often with a minimum rate of return. Plus, with a Planet-Wise ILTD, you get access to the growth potential of a basket of stocks that are screened according ESG standards.

Want to dive into the math? Your return or loss for a stock or security is based on your purchase and sell price. With index-linked term deposits, your return is calculated on the average of how the investments do at approximately 7, 30, and 60 days prior to the date of maturity. Minimum and maximum rates also apply.

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