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Retirement Assessment Tool

Is your retirement on track?

Our Retirement Assessment Tool allows you to quickly assess your current financial situation and determine whether or not you are on track with your retirement goals. Simply answer a few questions, and then adjust key variables - like retirement age, monthly contributions, and desired income - to see how a few changes can impact your retirement goals.

You'll then have an opportunity to consult with one of our wealth management professionals so we can review your investment objectives and make recommendations that fit your individual needs.

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Amounts projected by the calculator are based on the information you enter and a variety of assumptions. Along with other assumptions, the calculator assumes:

  1. Old Age Security (OAS) and Canada Pension Plan (CPP) are included and the calculator assumes 100% eligibility
  2. OAS and CPP start upon your retirement and adjust depending on retirement date.
  3. Any RRSP contribution amount you enter is within your RRSP contribution limit.

You should not act or rely on the calculations presented in this tool. Please consult one of our wealth management professionals to review your investment objectives and make recommendations that fit your individual needs, which may vary greatly from the Retirement Assessment Tool calculations.

Vancity does not make any express or implied warranties or representations with respect to any information or results in connection with this calculator.

Vancity will not be liable for any losses or damages arising from any errors or omissions in any information or results, or any action or decision made by you in reliance on any information or results.

This calculator is made available to you as a tool for independent use and is not intended to provide investment or financial advice. We cannot and do not guarantee its applicability or accuracy. All examples are hypothetical and are for illustrative purposes only.