Savings and investments

Saving money is crucial to an individual’s overall financial strength. There are lots of good reasons to save money – for a vacation, education, your home, a comfortable retirement, or for a rainy day. When our housing costs and utility bills are high, however, there often isn’t that much left at the end of the month. Vancity offers a number of options to help members save, even if it’s just a little bit each month. You’ll be surprised how quickly it adds up.

The Easy Save account

The Easy Save account does what it says – it makes saving easy. With this account, you decide how much money you want to save from each pay cheque. Vancity then sets up an automatic transfer to another account, like you’d have for automated bill payment. The difference is that instead of paying a bill, you’re paying yourself. Once you reached your savings goal, your money is automatically moved into a term deposit where you’ll earn even more interest. .

Matched Savings programs

Vancity’s Matched Savings programs support people with a low income to save for specific goals such as education, business start-up or a down payment on a home. These community-based programs also provide financial education to help people maximize the benefits of their savings. Vancity supports the following Matched Savings programs:

Jumpstart® High Interest Savings Account

Boost your savings with Vancity’s Jumpstart® High Interest Savings Account. You earn our best daily savings rate, so you can reach your financial goals faster. Even better, we give a portion of the operating revenue from every Jumpstart® account to not-for-profit organizations that help newcomers to Canada achieve self-reliance in jobs suitable to their training and skills. Our community impact partners are:

Youth Credit Union

It’s never too early to learn how to manage money well. That’s why Vancity created the Youth Credit Union in 1996. We now have over 25 youth credit unions in elementary schools from Vancouver to the Fraser Valley.

Jumpstart® is a registered trade-mark of Vancouver City Savings Credit Union