Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV)

Vancity is proud to be a part of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV). This world-wide movement of committed co-operatives is shifting the financial conversation. We're encouraging more people to support values-based banking and more financial institutions to adopt triple bottom lines.

Together we're creating global change

Vancity is one of 45 financial institutions and seven strategic partners operating in countries across Asia, Africa, Australia, Latin America, North America and Europe. Collectively we serve more than 41 million customers, hold up to $127 billion USD of combined assets under management, and we are supported by more than 48,000 co-workers. Together, we strengthen our commitment and ability to create sustainable, vibrant communities that put people before profit and create systemic change. At Vancity and together with the members of the GABV we are changing finance to finance change. Marcos Eguiguren , Executive Director at the GABV shares his dream that one day all financial institutions will become values-based organizations.

Watch Marcos Eguiguren at TEDx: “Are you ready to become bankers?

Watch What is #bankingonvalues? video

Growing from shared values

Being a member of GABV helps Vancity:

  • learn best practices from similar financial institutions
  • share concepts, initiatives, processes and insights
  • create momentum as allied partners in a values-based banking movement

Building a sustainable future

The GABV identifies possibilities, then creates targeted projects to act upon them.
Vancity supports its projects and initiatives through:

  • Advocacy & Engagement
  • Human Capital Development
  • Financial Capital Development
  • Impact Analysis

Projects supported by the GABV »

Learn more about values-based banking

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Banking as if Society Mattered

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