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Environmental sustainability


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We want to enhance the environmental sustainability of our members’ lives and their communities. This means being environmentally conscious in our operations through energy efficiency, recycling and the selection of green building materials in our facilities, as well as providing “green” advice to members and financial support for organizations active in developing technology and services that benefit the environment.

Addressing climate change

Vancity is proud to take a leadership position on climate change. We do not invest capital or assets in oil, gas or coal companies. We also do not provide investment banking services to facilitate access to capital for those companies.

Socially Responsible mutual funds (SRI) are available to Vancity members through the Sustainable Wealth Management division. Vancity Investment Management uses environmental, social and governance criteria along with financial analysis to select investments for SRI funds. VCIM has implemented a climate risk strategy that encourages divestment from fossil fuels and investment in clean energy.

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Environmental commitments

Our goal is to continue to provide clear environmental sustainability leadership in the financial sector. We’re committed to action on four fronts:

  • Reducing the negative environmental impact of our operations
  • Helping members and employees act by providing education, products and services that benefit the environment
  • Enabling the community to act by funding projects that reduce negative environmental impact
  • Encouraging governments to implement public policy changes that reduce negative environmental impact.

Carbon neutral

We’ve been carbon neutral since 2008. Our goal is to measure and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, then offset emissions through the purchase of carbon offsets from emission-reducing activities that others have undertaken.

$1000 Climate Smart scholarships

Are you a Vancity business member?

Find out how you can cut costs and cut carbon with Climate Smart. Vancity business members can apply for a $1000 scholarship to complete the program.

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