Financial literacy and basic banking

Financial literacy – building economic strength and independence

Our values based banking model calls on us to not only provide savvy financial products and services but to look at all the ways we can build our members wealth and well-being. Financial literacy is one of the first steps on the road to economic strength and independence. We have developed a number of initiatives and continue to work with community partners to provide programs for both individuals, businesses and organizations.

Financial literacy for individuals and groups

Aboriginal financial literacy

The Aboriginal Financial Literacy Committee, a group of partners who work directly with Aboriginal youth and adults has launched a series of financial literacy and support tools. The initiative, part funded by Vancity, provides financial literacy videos and a Financial Fitness handbook.

Each One, Teach One

Your financial well-being depends on your ability to understand and use financial information in a way that helps you make good decisions. That’s why in 2008 Vancity launched Each One, Teach One workshops to support community organizations working with newcomers, refugees, individuals facing barriers to financial services, and people living on low-incomes.

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Workshops are available for groups from 10 to 100, day or evening, lasting one hour or a full-day. Topics include taxation and tax filing, contracts, and developing a credit history. Additional sessions cover basic banking, budgeting, and understanding the credit bureau.

If you’re interested in attending or hosting a workshop, contact Vancity at 604.709.6930 or

Watch our video series on Getting inside a lender's head


Financial Fitness toolkits

Vancity brought some of Canada’s brightest minds in not-for-profit financial leadership together to create the Financial Fitness toolkit series. Each of the three handbooks in this series covers an important area of not-for-profit financial management. Download the handbooks for free.


The Canadian Social Enterprise Guide

The Canadian Social Enterprise Guide is a comprehensive published resource and collection of social enterprise stories designed for project managers, executive directors, directors, and employees of organizations considering creating a new enterprise, expanding or formalizing their existing revenue-generating programs.

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