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Vancity is a co-operative

A co-operative is a jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise that supports the common economic, social, and cultural needs of its members.

Vancity is a financial services co-operative, owned by our more than 560,000 members and democratically controlled on the basis of one member, one vote. We provide those members with a range of financial products and services to help them meet their financial goals and build their personal wealth. We also strengthen our community by turning our members’ deposits into millions of dollars of credit, shared profits, and community investments to support local economic, social and environmental initiatives.

Co-operatives are different

Co-operatives differ from other businesses in some important ways:

How we support co-operatives

One of our principles is “co-operation among co-operatives.” It means that we are committed to working with other co-operatives to strengthen the co-operative movement. As a financial services co-operative, we play a unique role in supporting other co-operatives and the co-operative economy as a whole.