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Housing affordability

Vancity invests in affordable owned and rental housing because affordability helps build healthy communities.

As a member-led co-operative and one of Canada’s largest credit unions, we’re working hard to change the housing landscape. That means providing flexible home ownership options, while working with community partners to increase the supply of affordable rental and owned housing.

The housing challenge

It’s a conundrum.

In Metro Vancouver, the average property now requires more than 48% of average household monthly income. And housing costs continue to rise, outpacing wages by a large margin.

Our region is one of the North America’s most livable areas, but also one of the world’s most expensive ones. So what do you do, when the best place to live is also one of the least affordable?

Creating solutions

As a local co-operative we look for ways to use all our resources, people and capital to strengthen member wealth and well-being. By working with individual members and community-minded organizations we believe we can help create a range of housing solutions. Here’s how…

At an individual level

Vancity works with you to develop financial strategies that meet your home ownership goals.

We put your needs first, whether you are looking to refinance, are buying a new home, or just want to start saving. Our investment advice matches your goals - before and after buying your home.

In addition to competitive rates on open and fixed-term mortgages our personalized mortgage options helps our members find a home that works for them:

Find out more in our Understanding Mortgages section.

At a community level

Vancity works with community partners to increase the supply of affordable rental and owned housing.

We support your organization to:

  • buy, develop or expand community-focused real estate, including affordable owned or rental housing and community workspaces or buildings
  • increase community accessibility to environmental housing, workspaces or buildings
  • build strategic partnerships that take a long term, community-focused view of real estate.

But we’re much more than an investor; we’re your long-term financial partner.

That means management advice, project consulting, plus financial solutions at every stage of your development.

So, if you’re working on your development vision, testing feasibility, outlining the business plan, or beginning pre-construction, construction or occupancy; we’re here to help.

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