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Affordable Housing

Vancity invests in real estate that creates positive impact, drives economic self-reliance and builds the well-being of our communities.

But we’re much more than an investor; we’re your long-term financial partner. That means management advice, project consulting, plus financial, grant and partnership solutions at every stage of your development.

Why do we offer a deeper level of commitment? Because it’s an integral part of our vision and values. When we help you to develop community-owned real estate assets, we help more of our members and neighbours to rent, buy, sustain and support the place that they call home.

If your organization’s goal is to:

  • buy, develop or expand community-focused real estate, including affordable owned or rental housing and community buildings
  • increase community access to high performing environmental housing, workspaces or buildings
  • build strategic partnerships that take a long term, community-focused view of real estate

 …then we want to hear from you.

Here’s how we can help you at every stage of your development:

1) Vision

We work with you on:

  • Mission alignment
  • Project vision
  • Staff and board capacity
  • Organizational culture
  • Financial resources.

We support you to:

  • Connect you with peer support and mentorship
  • Provide you with case studies, tools and resources

2) Feasibility

We work with you on:

  • Project impact and innovation
  • Development options
  • Timelines and budgets
  • Financial parameters
  • Permissions and approvals.

We support you to:

  • Think big to maximize project impact
  • Provide technical advice and assistance on project planning
  • Bring in project partners with financing solutions

3) Business plan

We work with you on:

  • Site control and due diligence
  • Designs and schematics
  • Financial models
  • Building your development team (architects, engineers, developers)

We support you to:

  • Locate a development site and broker ownership
  • Link you to suitable business development and investment opportunities
  • Bring in project partners and funding
  • Identify future Vancity financing options for construction and take-out.

4) Pre-construction

We work with you on:

  • Operations plans (staffing and programming)
  • Permit processes
  • Construction and take-out financing
  • Procurement (materials, employment)

We support you to:

  • Source pre-development loans and competitive financing
  • Connect you with other potential investors
  • Promote the project to our members and their networks

5) Construction

We work with you on:

  • Execution
  • Capacity building
  • Staff and board capacity
  • Communications

We support you to:

  • Ensure execution is aligned with your mission and vision
  • Monitor financing and draws on your lending.

6) Occupancy

We work with you on:

  • Property and asset management plans
  • Project vision
  • Monitoring and reporting on the building program and performance

We support you to:

  • Develop workshops and other educational tools and resources
  • Connect you to peer support, mentorship and other support networks
  • Guide best practices in property and asset management

Let’s build impact

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Vancity partners with Vancity Community Foundation to turn your impact real estate dreams into reality.