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Vancity impact real estate financing

Vancity provides a range of financing options for your mission-driven organisation.

What we finance

  • New builds that deliver affordable housing and/or shared office/community program spaces
  • Mission-driven partnerships to buy or redevelop land or buildings
  • Repairs and upgrades to your buildings
  • On-reserve housing
  • Upgrades, repair or special maintenance of strata title, co-operative, or rental housing
  • Pre-development loans for mission-driven organisations
  • Energy improvements for buildings owned by mission-driven organisations
  • New not-for-profit organizations, social enterprises (not-for-profit), co-operatives and social ventures (for-profit) interested in conventional real estate financing or refinancing.

Financing solutions

  • Lending solutions for building purchases and upgrades
  • Tax efficient structures for charitable gifts of land, buildings or investments, including endowments
  • Pooled savings accounts to maximise interest income and investment solutions for long-term growth
  • Advice on greening your operations and facilities plus flexible lending to match energy savings payments
  • Day-to-day account management to meet your needs and increase operational efficiencies
  • Advice and support on shared spaces and co-location, including help finding partners
  • Patient lending (pre-development), where you have site control and the project has significant community impact.

Business banking

At Vancity we also see beyond numbers and past the bottom line by adding vision, purpose and impact into our calculations. Here are some day-to-day banking services to suit your needs.