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Impact business development

If your business has the potential to create positive social and environmental impact in the community, we can help you reach your goals faster and maximize that impact.

More than just lenders, our specialist Impact Business team acts as your trusted advisers and partners. We’ve got the expertise, commitment and resources to support your ambitious plans. Whether you’re at the early stages or ready to expand, we’ll help you navigate a path to success by connecting you to business expertise, partnerships, learning opportunities, financing and more.

Why? Because we believe by supporting mission-driven organizations like yours, we will impact your success and you will impact our community. It’s a fact that viable businesses and social ventures create more jobs, a stronger local economy, resilient communities and greater prosperity for all.

Priority sectors

We focus on green businesses, social ventures and businesses in the sector. This includes not-for-profits, social enterprises, First Nations governments, charities, co-operatives and labour unions.

Priority supports

If your business plan includes…

  • a strong environmental, social and economic mission in the following areas: local and organic food, energy and environment, social enterprises and social ventures, co-operatives, or Aboriginal communities
  • a goal to integrate meaningful social and environmental strategies into your everyday business
  • a viable business model or idea with high community impact potential.

…we can work with you to...

  • hone your business model and operations
  • build your entrepreneurial and management skills
  • connect you to business tools, programs and initiatives
  • find the resources to sustain you in the early phase
  • increase your potential for social and environmental impact
  • establish rewarding business and community partnerships
  • enhance your profile among consumers and in the community
  • strategize to support your ongoing growth and expansion.

Specialist stages

The business models may differ, but the values are the same—your organization measures success with a blended bottom line that includes social and environmental impact as well as profit. That’s what’s important to us.

We also understand that organizations like yours sometimes need support at different stages in your lifecycle. Depending on the type of organization and the sector you are in we can work with you at the…

Pre-launch phase (to develop your idea)

If you have a viable idea for a social enterprise or mission-driven business, we can link you to resources that help you develop and refine it. These include workshops, coaching, consultation and technical assistance. You’ll get to a place where you’re ready to launch your business and become financially sustainable.

Early stage phase (to build your capacity)

For businesses that are up and running, a number of supports may be available to help you reach the next level. Technical assistance, training, workshops and seminars can build capacity and develop your expertise. Business growth opportunities can help you clarify your market potential and support in navigating investment options can ready you for that next move.

Expansion phase (to help you grow sustainably)

Reach your full potential with access to business tools, specialized expertise and capital. If you’re an established impact business championing social innovation, we can provide a total business solution to support ambitious growth plans. Tap into flexible lending policies, responsive service, and a unique, high-impact investment program that provides much-needed capital and loans.

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