Growth capital

Are you a small or medium sized high growth enterprise in BC?

Does your operation have a positive social, environmental, or other unique and innovative impact in the community? Do you need financing ranging from $500,000 to $5,000,000+?

If you answered yes to these questions then Vancity can assist you.

We design and provide debt solutions to help you grow your business and operations. We can also help you grow with larger investments by syndicating with other financial institutions.

Whether it’s subordinated debt, mezzanine financing, convertible debentures, we are here to help. Talk to us at or phone us directly at 604.877.6565.

Solutions for social enterprises and ventures

We understand that beyond grants your social enterprise’s growth opportunities can be constrained by typical financing solutions. Maybe it’s because your enterprise lacks the physical assets or because your initiative doesn’t have the profit potential required. We understand that in the past this could have hindered you from securing conventional financing and that’s why we developed the Resilient Capital Program.

The Resilient Capital Program is a unique, high-impact investment program that makes up to $15 million available for qualifying social enterprises and ventures to help build resilient communities. The program is made possible by a partnership between Vancity and Vancouver Foundation.

It provides a source of patient capital for social enterprises and ventures and is funded by an attractive deposit-based product, designed to give depositors a simple conduit to fund high-impact social enterprises and ventures without risk.

We can tailor a package to fit your situation. Learn more.


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