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Local and Organic Food - Investments

Vancity invests in businesses, not-for-profits and sector initiatives in order to grow and promote a viable and sustainable local food system. One that contributes to a healthier environment, improved individual health, and a more resilient local economy.

We realize the importance of protecting our local food security and work to support an ecosystem that will help local food producers and processors thrive. The future of farming in our region is being threatened due to a number of issues including an aging farmer population and increased land values. By supporting new/young farmers to build successful businesses, we are working to ensure that our local food supply is secured for the long term. As well, we also need to work to make sure that the productivity of our farmland is protected and that the negative environmental impacts of farming are minimized. Encouraging ecologically sustainable farming techniques will help us contribute to the environmental well-being of our region.

Why do we want to encourage and support local food producers and processers? Local food is fresher and more nutritious as well as being good for the environment, community and economy. Locally owned and operated food processing businesses help grow the real economy, which is rooted in jobs and sustainable consumption of goods and services. When you shop locally more of the money you spend stays local, supporting the businesses and individuals in your community.

By supporting a local sustainable food system, including local producers, processors, distributors, the retail/food service sector and waste management businesses, we are investing to create positive local impact – making a difference in our communities.

We also know it is important to support partnerships in the community - with government, business associations and the not-for-profit sector - that are working towards creating positive social and environmental impact by developing a sustainable local food system.

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