Learning, networking, resources and events

Vancity supports a number of organizations promoting local, natural and organic food through learning, networking, resources and events.  Here are some of the annual events that we support.

BC Association of Farmers’ Markets

Vancity sponsors the annual conference of Farmers’ Markets throughout BC.  This event provides an opportunity for the farmers’ markets to come together to share ideas and improve their operations.  To become a member of the association, vendors at a local market must make, bake or grow the products and then sell them at the market.  Within the Vancity area of service, there are over 30 markets with membership of the Association.

Certified Organic Association of BC (COABC)

Vancity supports COABC, an association that assists the organic community in BC through production related education and knowledge sharing.  COABC produces a quarterly publication, the BC Organic Grower, holds an annual conference and engages its members in advancing certified organic producers and processors. 

Meet Your Maker

Vancity supports the Meet Your Maker event, which is building a new BC tradition by scaling-up local food production and consumption. The event is modeled on Portland, Oregon’s highly successful Farmer-Chef Connection events. Since 2001, the Portland events have grown to connect more than 250 producers and 150 buyers who are collectively doing over $19 million in annual business. Meet Your Maker expands on the Portland events to include local food processors, distributors, and retailers as well. 


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