Green choices

Our green products

Choose Green Products We offer green products that support activities that reduce energy consumption and use cleaner energy. Now it's easier for you to choose green and save money too.

enviro Visa

enviro Visa enviro Visa* donates at least 5% of Visa profits to local environmental projects. Plus, each time you make a purchase, you get reward points that can be redeemed for travel, merchandise, financial products or donations to charities.

Green business program

Green Business Green Business Program helps business and not-for-profit members make big or small changes to their operations that positively impact the environment and save them money.

Vancity Home Energy™ Loan

Bright Ideas Vancity Home Energy Loan rewards you for making your home environmentally efficient. We support your choice to make your home more energy-efficient by offering no-nonsense, renovation financing. Bright Ideas will help you produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions while cutting your energy costs by about 35%.

Clean Air Vehicle Loan

Clean Air Clean Air Vehicle Loan saves you money when you buy a vehicle with low CO2 emissions. We reward members who choose to buy fuel-efficient cars that emit less carbon into the atmosphere with preferential loan rates. With no loan maximum and no prepayment penalties, it's an easy way to choose green.

IAC Inhance SRI Funds

IAC Inhance SRI Funds. Through our strategic alliance with IA Clarington Investments (IAC) we help you invest in companies that use progressive, social, environmental and corporate governance practices in managing their business. This allows you to choose from a wide array of responsible investments so you can choose a greener way to get returns.

Shared success

Shared Success Shared Success gives 30% of our net profits back to members and their communities every year. Shared Success helps a variety of local organizations that improve social, economic and environmental conditions.

*Visa Int./ Vancity. Licensed User.
Vancity Home Energy™ is a trademark of Vancouver Savings Credit Union