Planet-Wise Transportation Loan - Electric Vehicle (EV) Loans

The financing you need to get from A to B with less emissions, including; pedal bikes, e-bikes, scooters, electric cars, hybrids, charging stations and conversion kits, with Vancity Planet-Wise Transportation Loan.

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A win for you, and the planet

Nearly 40%* of carbon pollution in Vancouver is generated by burning fossil fuels to power vehicles. There are more sustainable options that are better for the planet. You can feel good about choosing a greener, more sustainable option and we are here to help with a term loan with flexible ways to repay. Plus, you can borrow as little as $1,500, with no maximum loan amount.

Benefits of clean transportation

  • It’s an easy, everyday way to take climate action and practice lighter living.
  • A safer way to get to work. With the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, bikes and electric vehicles are great way to commute.
  • A healthier lifestyle: active transportation like cycling or walking improves your physical and mental health, and reduces carbon emissions and noise pollution.
  • As the population and density of the Lower Mainland grows, we all have a part to play in creating more livable, climate-ready communities and your choice of transportation is a powerful contributor.

Purchase Maximum Term Amount Pricing
Motorized or non-motorized bicycle, Pedal bike, E-bike, or scooter 5 years Minimum amount $1500 Vancity Prime Rate +1%
New or used electric vehicle 10 years Maximum loan amount based on you how you qualify Vancity Prime Rate + 1%
Electric vehicle charging station, and installation 5 years Maximum amount is $5,000 per charging station Vancity Prime Rate +1%
New or used low CO2 emitting vehicle 10 years Maximum loan amount based on how you qualify

Vancity Prime Rate + 2%

Vehicle to install alternative fuel conversion system
Purchase and install of alternative fuel conversion systems to existing vehicle
5 years Maximum loan amount based on how you qualify Vancity Prime Rate + 2%


Visit your branch to chat about which loan works best for you. Our team member can also give you great advice on rebates and incentives. You’ll soon be hitting the road with your choice of planet-wise wheels!

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