Board of Directors Election

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2024 Board Election Results.

Directors elected:

  1. Juvarya Veltkamp 17,685
  2. Joel DeYoung 16,951
  3. Bill Chan 14,383

Remaining candidates:

  1. Sarah Sidhu 14,318
  2. Bob Mann 7,913
  3. Michael Hwang 6,134
  4. Aron Lageri 4,719
  5. Dorin Radu 2,506
Meet our current board

Let’s build a credit union we can be proud of.

The Board of Directors Election is held every year to fill open Director positions. Your participation in the election process is key to maintaining our success as a credit union. It holds us accountable to the values we’ve founded ourselves on, and by voting, you’re helping Vancity serve its members, communities, and beyond.

Here’s how you can get involved in the election process:

Join the Nominations & Election Committee

Help oversee the elections process by interviewing applicants and identifying recommended candidates for our membership. The Nominations Elections Committee is appointed in July.

Nominate a candidate

Members are invited to nominate candidates for the Board every year between November and December during the Call for Nominations period.

Vote for candidates

Candidates for the Board of Directors are announced in February. When voting begins in April, you can cast your ballot online, via mobile app, by mail, or in person at select branch locations.

Let's go paperless.

We’re trying to reduce our carbon footprint where we can, from our net-zero commitment, to reducing the amount of paper we send out — especially at election time.

To help us make an even bigger difference for the planet, vote online and opt out of receiving mail ballots for future elections.

Elections results

The Board of Directors Election results are announced at the Annual General Meeting in May.

When you take part in our credit union's democratic process, you’re joining the movement to become a financial force for change.